SHVMVN – Inventing His Own Exotic Indie Hip Hop Trap Genre

An independent artist looking make an impression has to try and do something different with their music.  Playing the same old styles as artists on major labels will not get you any attention.  Taking different genres and combining them together in your own way is a great way to make something fresh and new.  Let us introduce you to some new with SHVMVN.


The 22 year old talent was born in Monroe, and raised in Rayville, Louisiana.  It wasn’t an easy life growing up in the Richland Parish Projects but having a good amount of his family around in the same situation definitely helped SHVMVN just be himself.  He describes his sound as indiTrap because it is a mix of both the indie and trap genres.  This creation definitely stands out.

SHVMVN lets us get a glimpse of his creative process and a typical day in his life on the set of a music video shoot.  Watch here:


A recent EP by SHVMVN that caught our attention was 22MGs.  The 6 track record produced by DrazenC is quite different from any hip hop style you have come to know.  Right from the opener “Pray4Death” the dark tone is set with minimalistic beats creeping along in the background to allow your mind to prepare for what is coming.  There is more energy, especially in the lyrical delivery, on “Pray4Ecstacy”,  SHVMVN the wordsmith plays with the vocals to draw you deep into his personality.  It is a wild ride so hold on tight.  The closer “Pray4Time” is the most pop friendly track with a bouncing beat that will get heads bobbing even when the minor key eeriness comes in to keep your head guessing.  

When you are ready for a mind melting ride, SHVMVN music can be streamed on :

Keep up with the news on twitter and instagram : @SHVMVNism

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