SixFoxWhiskey Get Funky With “Naughty Air”


With a name like SixFoxWhiskey, it’s hard not to immediately turn some heads and attract some listeners. But what this band has goes so far beyond that; their finesse and funk are what keep the heads spinning. A little bit of funk, a little bit of jazz, throw in some rock and jam and you’ve got the basic work-up for SixFoxWhiskey.

2020 has seen great success thus far for SixFoxWhiskey, bringing them the release of their album Naughty Air. Recorded in renowned Massachusetts-based 37’ Productions, Naughty Air highlights the bands ability to flex their individuality and musicality. Instrumentals shine bright throughout the entire album, usually taking the spotlight to close out each song.

“We’ll play for free, we’ll play if no one’s listening, we just want to play,” says SixFoxWhiskey’s drummer, Tyler Davis.

Naughty Air opens a funky number, “Betty” setting the tone for what SixFoxWhiskey is really about. Immediately met by the beautiful sounds of the saxophone and vocalist Chris Ballerini’s voice drips over your ears like honey. This song flexes the best parts of SixFoxWhiskey’s talents and easily becomes a stand out moment in your mind for this abum.

As “Betty” comes to an end, the funkometer gets bumped up a notch or twelve and SixFoxWhiskey takes you into a much jammier place. The saxphone rings above and Ballerini’s vocal style switches gears to match the funk in “Common Ground.” At over six minutes in length, it is much longer than the normal listener has the attention span for, but if you can last till the end you’ll see the true musicality that this act has within their instrumentation.

SixFoxWhiskey sways between this funky, carefree jam style like in “Common Ground” and “Oh Ya” and a punchy rock sound that offers the perfect harmony for Naughty Air. “Crossroads” highlights the band’s ability to rock with tight rhythmic structures and roaring guitar riffs. Similarly to “Common Ground,” “Crossroads” clocks in at over six minutes which can make for some slight difficulties digesting once the vocals fade out, but SixFoxWhiskey makes up for it with their alluring instrumentation.

All in all, Naughty Air is bound to catch your attention with its undeniable funk and passion. SixFoxWhiskey has poured themselves into every ounce of this new release; and with touring cross-country on the horizon in 2020, it’s clear that SixFoxWhiskey will stop at nothing to play music they love and have fun doing it.

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