Sour Bruthers Will Make You ‘Cry No More’

Sour Bruthers

The bands that make the biggest impact are the ones willing to expand their genre. Experimentation and growth is what will set a band apart. Our recent discovery The Sour Bruthers seems to be doing just that with their newest release “Cry No More.”

The group based in Chicago, Illinois is made up of Tim Sour on vocals/guitar, Bill Sour on vocals/bass, Mikey A on second guitar/vocals, and drummer Tony Lunni. Together they are characterized as an Americana band but add a unique style of Rock and Country to make it their own Sour Bruthers sound. Their chemistry is undeniable as the music hits fans of all these genres and welcomes them all in to be part of the tribe. The mix can hit radio even within the pop rock genre with their catchy songs.

The newest single “Cry No More” by Sour Bruthers takes them to the next level with something that jumps out from the speakers. As the vocals come in right from the start of the track you can feel the emotion that the band is willing to share. As the energy kicks in the catchy beat grabs the listener. A country-tinged sound along with a full rock guitar solo show that Sour Bruthers are able to successfully blend whatever genres they see fit.

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