Stellar Winds Offer An ‘Escape’ From Our World

Escape by Stellar Winds

Once a musician starts making music, the love for that creation of art always holds a spot in your heart. Even if life gets in the way music will find a way. It has been a while since we heard from our friends in Stellar Winds. In fact, it has been six years since we reviewed Hands Of Time. But the band is back bigger and better than ever with a new EP Escape.

Originally from the Ohio Valley, Stellar Winds now call Wheeling, West Virginia home. Originally starting as a solo project by singer/guitarist Justin Turner, the band grew quite extensively through the years. Currently, the musical group consists of Travis Hoard, Steve Neal, John Vensel, and David Buckingham, in addition to Turner. Together they create a sound that is truly beautiful and relaxing.

Today, March 18th, is the official release date of their Escape EP. The 5 track record is the perfect soundtrack for these interesting times when many of us are confined to our homes and in need of something to relax our minds. 

The opener “Whisper To The Wind” sets a tone of ease with a pretty piano/guitar melody that winds its way along underneath a soaring vocal. Our minds are at ease but we can hear that something is on the horizon. “Pure Vida” continues this with its own wall of toned down sound letting our minds wander to our happy place.

The vibe is brought to a more dangerous and exciting place with “Spider Maze”. Although the vocals stay subdued the rest of the instruments take thier turns adding to the energy of the mood. There is a lot to take in here. On “Burned Alive” we can hear a more Jazz-influenced sound with the use of horns and a slowed down tempo. Each note is dramatic and purposeful.

The Escape EP comes to a close with “You Wish You Left”. Here it all seems to come together in an elegant yet energy-laden track that will provide motivation but also leave you in a refreshed mental state ready to tackle the world. 

Get in touch with Stellar Winds through FACEBOOK and hear more music on SPOTIFY.

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