Wren Wilder’s ‘Worth the Cold’ Will Warm Your Heart

Wren Wilder’s new release ‘Worth the Cold’ is a romantic, folk-style song with a genuine sense of hope to it. Wilder is not a new voice in the modern music scene. She has worked in the industry for a number of years prior to releasing ‘Worth the Cold,’ and her experience in the business works to produce a single with polish and professionalism.

There is a style that comes along with Wren Wilder’s work which is in a very specific league of its own. It is not just indie, it is not just alternative, folk, or acoustic. It instead combines all of these elements into something new. That is what makes Wren Wilder’s music so lovely to listen to.

Modern-folk is an incredibly interesting style that has taken a number of different forms. Wilder’s version is soft and gentle while being both melancholy and brimming with affection at the same time. ‘Worth the Cold’ is about the emotion between loneliness and gratitude. It is about the feeling that comes from missing someone while also realizing how much one would endure for that person.


‘Worth the Cold’ takes a classic song-writing trope about how absence can make the heart grow fonder and turns that into something very fresh and modern. Despite the new trend in music which makes one believe that romance is a dull and false concept, ‘Worth the Cold’ can restore one’s faith in love.

For Wren Wilder, love is worth being out in the freezing weather if they are not alone. Being cold with one’s love is better than being somewhere safe and warm, but alone. This is why ‘Worth the Cold’ is so refreshing. There is an element to Wren Wilder that is brave and courageous. Wilder is writing a song that treats love so gently and with such beautiful care. Her place in music is a necessary one.

Wren Wilder’s career is one you won’t want to miss out on. She provides a sense of hope, beauty, and love in the modern music scene. ‘Worth the Cold’ is a new release by Wren Wilder. It is currently available to listen to.

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