Sugar Lime Blue Enters Our Minds With ‘Narcoluptuous’

Sugar Lime Blue

There is something special about musicians coming together to share music. Sounds and emotions drift off into the audience to create a connection that no other medium can do. Our recent discovery Sugar Lime Blue takes no greater joy than sharing their music with a crowd.

The band started off as an acoustic singer-songwriter duo back in 2008 but through the years has developed into a full assortment of musicians with their own unique Americana Blues-Rock sound. Currently, Sugar Lime Blue is made up of Ashley Beth – Vocals, Dave Beth – Guitar, Russ Dean – Bass, Jeff Gaylor – Drums, and Cleveland McPhee – Harmonica. Junior Padilla is often brought in as well to provide keyboard and conga accompaniment. Live is where this band truly shines and they are no strangers to that setting. Sugar Lime Blue has performed over 175 shows over the past 2 years. Connecting with an audience is their greatest strength as the soothing sounds seem to go directly from their instruments to listeners’ minds.

The latest album by Sugar Lime Blue is the strong Narcoluptuous. The 12 track record finds a way to convey thier connection to the audience directly to your speakers. Recording it at the legendary Bluebird Studio in Nashville, TN definitely helped with that. The opener “Dance In The Sunshine” welcomes everyone aboard with a bouncy fun vibe and a voluptuous sound using a wide assortment of instrumentation. Ashley’s laid back vocals here add an element of openness.

Let Sugar Lime Blue Lead The Way

There is a funk tone provided on “Laying Off The Breaks” that is sure to get heads bopping and toes tapping. “Keep On, Keeping On” dives a little deeper into the emotional vibe as Sugar Lime Blue slows it down and lets the soulful vocals lead the way. The stripped-back sound soothes a savage mind. 

The title track “Narcoluptuous” seems to combine all thier influences into one with a genre-bending track that is truly engaging. Everyone gets a turn as keyboards and guitars all have their moment in the sun here. The Blues heavy “Brickbats” brings a smoky bar feel to the record letting the listener place themselves right into the scene of a Sugar Lime Blue performance. 

The record is quite the journey as we get to the end with “Live In Space”. Some mellow almost prog-rock washes over the speakers as the band takes you wherever they want. This is a fully immersive listen that should be taken all in at one sitting. A complete classic album.Find more music, stories, and show dates on the Sugar Lime Blue WEBSITE.

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