Tim Houlihan Shares His Stories on “Another Orion”

Tim Houlihan

When a musician pours their real life and thoughts into their music it is evident to the fans that grab on to the songs.  This connection will keep the fans intrigued in your music and involved in a growing career.  This help is tremendous.  A good example of this is in rising star Tim Houlihan.

The singer-songwriter from Minneapolis, Minnesota creates his songs from real life with articulate enthusiasm, strong grooves and sophisticated playing.  The style of Tim Houlihan was not born overnight.  He has put in the hard work and long hours to reach this level of professionalism.  Tim has crisscrossed the United States and Europe playing everywhere from intimate living rooms to large halls sharing his songs and feelings with the listeners.

Tim Houlihan claims influence from such songwriting talents as Jackson Browne, Stephen Stills, James Taylor, Shawn Colvin, and Dawes.  It is easy to hear the relatable stories and emotions in all of these artist’s music.

Earlier this year, Tim Houlihan released the record Another Orion that is appealing to an even wider range of fans.  On this 10 song collection, he dives further into country and blues.  The opener “Get Lonesome, Too” starts the record with a mellow vibe that gives us a peek into Tim’s heart.  The title track “Another Orion” is an elegant song with beautifully reverbed vocals over a sweet and melodic guitar line.  This is one that will put any weary mind at ease.



The energy is pumped up and we dive deeper into the country vibe with “Going To The Country”.  The entertaining slide guitars are another highlight here.  “What’s Going To Happen To Me” is probably the biggest rocker of the record.  The crashing guitars and vocal harmonies give it an energy-fueled feel that will get the blood flowing. Great guitar solo work on this one as well.

The dark-blues genre shows its influence on “Somebody Talk To Jesus”.  There is a groove that gets deep in the listener’s mind and forces uncontrollable head bobbing.  The production is top notch and adds to the beauty of the track.  The record closes with “Is It Ever Okay”.  This is a perfect end with a happy and peppy note that will leave you with a smile and an urge to hear more from Tim Houlihan and become a part of his stories.

Learn and listen more at http://www.timhoulihan.com/

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