Tortuga Shades Are Ready To ‘Come Around’

Tortuga Shades

In what has been a difficult year for everyone, many bands found a way to make the best of it. Using the pandemic forced free time has allowed bands to come together and spend that time developing their sound. A great example is our recent find Tortuga Shades. They have their debut album ready for release this summer. For now, we get the lead single “Comes Around” and an accompanying music video.

The band based in Austin, Texas is made up of Nadia, Wylie, Gian, and the newest member Casey. Together as Tortuga Shades they create a sound with hints of funk, jazz, Latin, and more, sprinkled atop their fresh indie rock sound.

Tortuga Shades was starting to pick up some real momentum in 2019 playing larger shows including playing the Pecan Street Festival. Then a worldwide pandemic put a halt on all that. Instead of crying about it, the band got to work and put together the pieces for their debut album.

‘Come Around’ to Tortuga Shades

The first single from the upcoming Revolving album is “Comes Around.” The bluesy guitar that opens the track reminds us of how much we miss live music. Soon after the sultry vocals come in to provide a depth that draws the listener in deep. A relaxed tone produces a warm and cozy sound to get lost in. 

The music video lets us dive deeper into the making of the track with studio footage sprinkled with humorous quarantine footage. This shows how relatable Tortuga Shades really is. We are all in this together and the band is here to provide the soundtrack of the coming happier times.

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