Alex Stanilla Redefines Electro-Pop with Qualia

Alex Stanilla

There are two different strains of music being created today. There is mainstream Pop music that seems to be constricting itself into one simple and basic formula where all the songs sound the same. Then there is the independent music makers that are taking all the tools available to create something new and fresh without any predetermined limits. Our recent find Alex Stanilla is in this second group and is bringing Modern Pop music to new levels.

Hailing from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, far outside any of the major music hubs of the world, Alex Stanilla has turned to his laptop and the power of the internet age to create a truly unique sound. Any listener of electro-pop, hip hop, alternative rock, or even jazz can find their genre represented in the new sound. Genre lines are not a concern for Alex Stanilla.

The mix of both analog instrumentation with digital sounds has created somewhat of a “laptop pop.” It combines that cozy feeling of being made in a bedroom recording studio with the atmospheric sounds that can permeate the soundwaves at an arena or giant music festival.

The mainstream is not ready for Alex Stanilla

The latest album by Alex Stanilla is Qualia. The 7 track record provides an impressionistic backdrop for the new direction that music is headed in. Nothing is off limits and no lines are safe from being crossed.

The opener “My Luck” starts with exotic noises punctuated with some group chorus “Oh Ow Oh’s” to get every listener in tune ready to experience the music together. The electro dance beats build an energy while the distorted and echoed vocals add to a wider atmosphere. On the next song “Arcadia,” the electronic drums are even more powerful adding a punch that will get the listener tapping along.

Alex Stanilla heads deeper into experimental territory with “Dog Sweater.” The seemingly disjointed mash up of random noises and beats allows the listener to follow along to the piece that draws them in personally. This one needs multiple listens to appreciate. It is one of those songs that you either Love or Hate. There is no in-between.



The lead single “Strange Promises” sets the tone with a spacey minimalistic feel at first. This gives way to a series of electronic rim shots that quicken the pace and add some electricity to the sonic palette. The lyrics breathe emotion as we dive deeper into Stanilla’s world.

The album closes with “Dexter Avenue.” Atmospheric synths go against overdubbed vocals making it become almost a sing-a-along. There are some alt-rock vibes here provided by guitars and a straighter drum beat. The song builds throughout with multiple sounds being added and taken away to keep the listener guessing as to where the artist will go next.

We for one are very interested in seeing where Alex Stanilla will take us. Keep up with this trendsetting artist on his FACEBOOK and hear more on his BANDCAMP page.

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