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Blue Soul Ten, is an artist that has had years of experience learning and growing in the music industry. Starting off as a radio DJ before learning composition and music production has lead him on a musical journey. He has travelled, making music as well as developing a fanbase in countries around the world. All of this has informed his unique blend of jazzy and soulful sounds with modern electronic and hip-hop. Blue Soul Ten’s newest album This Is Worth It is an amazing display of their sound along with a cast of collaborators to make this project varied and exciting.

The album gets off to a funky start with “All We Need”. This is a track with all the energy of a jam session. This song features female vocals providing a soulful melody. The track serves a great start to the track literally introducing itself to the listener as a live act would.

The next track “Different Than I’m Used To” is a great example of how Blue Soul Ten’s unique experience influences their music. This song is an upbeat jazzy track with keys, horns. Featuring a tight drum and bass section, while also featuring the native Australian instrument the digeridoo. This gives the song a unique texture in the background.

Listen to “Up to You”

The song “Up to You” is a great example of a sound that is all over this project. Similarly, tracks like “You Should Know By Now” and “I’m Afraid I Might”, as well as “Like I Do” and “Loving Me” later on in the album are all chilled-out jazzy tracks with a sensual stylishness to them. Blue Soul Ten excels at these slower-paced R&B influenced songs. Everything contributes to the vibe.

Listen to “This Is Worth It”

The title track “This Is Worth It” leans heavier into the fusion and soul side. With varied percussion this song stays fresh throughout. Guitars come in to accentuate the beat, and a horn section reinforces the song. The vocals are layered in an R&B style with plenty of pop appeal, this is a strong single for the band and a great display of Blue Soul Ten’s sound.

The album ends off with “Blue Them VI”, an instrumental track that sums up the album nicely. This song runs through various instrumentation taking us on a trip through the different sounds used on the album, and shows us just how varied and diverse Blue Soul Ten can be musically.

If you enjoyed Blue Soul Ten’s This Is Worth It check out their previous discography built up over years of consistent releases. Blue Soul Ten has been prolific with their blend of jazzy soulful R&B and hip-hop, an This Is Worth It is looking to be their strongest release yet.

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