Chad Skiz Shares ‘This Ones For You’

Chad Skiz

Let’s face it, these last few months have been a terribly tough time to do anything. In particular, it has been hard to find inspiration to do anything creative. Without much of the outside world to experience finding ideas for songs has been tough. Our recent find Chad Skiz has turned inside to create music that we can relate to right now.

The singer-songwriter based in Fargo, North Dakota has a true feel for the arts. Chad Skiz also shows talents as an actor, model, producer, and all-around creative. Music allows him to share his unique voice and honest lyrics with the world. This is needed more than ever right now when all kinds of thoughts have been dancing inside our heads.

Just last week, Chad Skiz released a music video for his new single “This Ones For You”. The thought-provoking song and video pours out emotion and lays it all out there. He is right there alongside those trying to make the world a better place. The video shares scenes of the wild current events we have all been live through. The world may be in a dark place but there is hope if we are willing to work towards the light. Chad Skiz is making his way towards this light and he invites us all along in song.

Keep up with more from Chad Skiz on his social media accounts:

Instagram: Chad_Skiz_Official

Facebook: OfficialChadSkiz

Twitter: OfficialSkiz

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