Continua Breaks Through With Debut EP “Flagship”

Magic happens when musicians collaborate together to create. Continua is the brainchild of darkwave singer Bishop Battle, Day of Awakening’s Brian Buckalew, and guitarist/songwriter Jason Mulkey, who are joined by Maiden Cane lead guitarist Joey Gilbert and drummer Troy Parrish. Each member offers their own set of expertise and experience to make Continua something powerful and whole. While the group may not have always consisted of these five, together they have been able to Continua to the next level.

2020 has seen the push to take Continua further than ever before. November 11th will see the release of their debut EP titled Flagship. This isn’t your average debut EP though. There’s a maturity and depth to these six tracks that only seasoned musicians could bring about.

Every member plays a critical role within Flagship. Each song allows each member their own space to shine through. Together they form a cohesive, hard-hitting album that highlights the best of them. Glam-rock-esque guitar riffs, synthesizers, and grunge and pop elements all make delightful appearances throughout the album, helping make Continua stand out in the alt-rock world.

‘Flagship’ by Continua coming November 11th

The EP opens with “The Darkest City,” a riveting track that will immediately hook you with it’s crushingly clean guitar work. Guitar riffs light up the song as Bishop delivers emotional and powerful vocals that set the mood for the track. Bishop creates a delicate balance between light and dark with his voice throughout “The Darkest City” that brings a dynamic energy to the song.

“Fluorescent” is the next song on the EP and it shows some of the range that is within Continua’s wheel-house. A bit more toned down and melodic in nature, it provides a change of pace for every member to shine through in a different light. It’s evident with every song that goes on that there’s nothing short of talent and desire coursing through the veins of this band.

The diversity continues on throughout Flagship, showcasing the vast knowledge and influences this act has. “Echoes” is a stand-out moment in the EP. Continua created a sound that hypnotizes as well as haunts you. As you continue to work through the track it builds with intensity, keeping your attention fully throughout this nearly six-minute song.

“Daybreak” closes out the EP with a quiet intensity. Brooding vocal layers and soaring guitar riffs stand out in this number, further proving that there’s so much depth to Continua’s talent. This EP is just the kick-off point for this act. With such knowledge, talent, and drive surrounding Continua, it’s clear they’re set for something big.

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