Cruise Into Summer with “Drive” from Pretty Sister

By Ibn-Umar Abbasparker of Indie Band Guru

Very rarely does someone listen to a song the first time and know right away that it’s an instant hit.

The new single “Drive” by Pretty Sister is one of those instant gems that leaves a favorable impression. Pretty Sister is the newest musical project of Los Angeles producer/singer/DJ Zak Waters, formed last year. Although this makes only three singles released under the Pretty Sister name, they have garnered much positive attention and earned the L.A. native a growing network of fans.

“Drive” is the latest addition to Waters’ success. The song is a fusion of Waters’ crisp, laidback vocals, electronica-style beats, and funky bass lines that add a quintessential R&B groove. All of these elements nicely coalesce and form a smooth, harmonious blend.

The main focus of “Drive” is sunny California weather and steady, cool driving, two things everyone from L.A. enjoys. Adding to that, it possesses a nostalgic tone that reminds listeners of ‘90s-style West Coast R&B and hip-hop. This is no surprise since Waters developed his signature musical style, dubbed “Z-Funk”, in Los Angeles, that movement’s epicenter.

Ultimately, Waters offers a lasting tribute to his hometown. The song celebrates the brighter aspects of living in L.A. while simultaneously offering an escape from the daily burdens that plague us. With lyrics such as “singing every word to a Tupac song,” he honors the city’s past musical accomplishments.

At the same time, he displays a glimpse of what the musical future of L.A. has to offer. There’s no doubt that “Drive” has the potential to become the next big L.A. anthem. Hear it here.

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