Real Talk – Motivational Hip Hop By A Lyrical Wordsmith

Some people are able to find their mission in life and will do everything possible to keep on a path of success.  When you truly believe it is meant for you it is amazing what you can accomplish.  Recently we came across Real Talk who is setting himself up to pursue his passion.

Real Talk

The Chicago, Illinois born and Las Vegas, Nevada raised artist also is known as The Metaphor Messiah.  He has really enjoyed his musical journey through the Hip Hop game and takes a positive outlook on all the opportunities that will come his way.  It hasn’t been easy but Real Talk has the passion that makes every day a success.

Last year ended with the release of the first official album by Real Talk called Black Mozart.  The 13 track record encompasses the aura of true hip-hop through his eyes and heart.  He describes it as Motivational Hip Hop with a message to always reach for your goals.  The title track “Black Mozart” sets the tone immediately with the impressive flow that The Metaphor Messiah possesses.  To really show off his lyrical prowess “One Verse” is the go to track.  The way Real Talk is able to wind his way through words with meaning really sets him apart.  He likes to share stories as well.  The video for “One Verse” dives into a full character story.  Enjoy it here:

The production is top notch too especially on “Brock Lesnar”.  The background beat will get your head bopping quickly with its full sound and cool effects.  Real Talk shows his love for all musical styles with some different influences creeping in on “Dream Big”.  With a mix of crafty lyrics and a full sonic experience this becomes a truly enjoyable track to listen to, and shares a positive message of pursuing your goals.  The album is a complete listen.  Dive into Real Talk’s world at:

You can listen and purchase the record at: 

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