Julian Morgan Welcomes Us To His “Company”

Julian Morgan

The new video/single release by Julian Morgan comes on the scene just before his appearance at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday, April 11th with Brooke Moriber. Fans will get a chance to see his true talent LIVE in action! The video was directed by WillC & Mike and produced by Eric Sfoglia and Prepared Records, Inc. The fun, sexy, and playful video brings Morgan’s ladies-man appeal to new heights, proving he has no trouble finding “company” on his own.  From its smooth lyrics and sharpened flow to the fine-tuned vocal layering and production work, “Company” is the studio ticket coming just before the live ticket.

According to his very brief bio notwithstanding any press, “the young talent has already garnered a ton of praise with his hit new track, which has seen him interviewed on Sirius XM’s Shade 45, New York’s Hot 97 with DJ Drewski and Power 105.1FM, and over 38 Hip-Hop/R&B stations nationwide!” But this artist who’s been at it since a much younger age can rest assured he is on his way to big things. This single shows he’s got the goods in every department, and he’s leaving the static norms of the genre behind in the process and bringing back the qualities that it was founded on.


The singles market is vastly improving lately with videos pushing the way for it, and it’s just as important to get the content to the people as an EP or full-length album. The key is to have much to play around it at shows, and it’s hard to do without playing a lot of covers. But DJ shows and other events are now filling the void and making it easier to get out there with less content until there’s more to add. If you’re not familiar with Julian Morgan, the future tells all as to whether you will be soon enough or not. One thing that is clear, he’s a world-class soul/R&B singer and musician.


Welcome To The World Of Julian Morgan

Other videos of him can be seen to help get to know what he’s doing, but the video for this song begins with Julian in the studio, checking his cell phone and going over the mix at the board in the studio. The song combines come rapping with more of a singing effort for the most part. But the effort to combine them stays within hip-hop boundaries and comes out making the song what it is. There’s a soothing and very laid- back groove to this, and it’s all done with the utmost integrity songs used to contain a lot more of than they do today. It’s not coming from amateur, it’s coming from experienced hands.

Julian Morgan should be topping the charts if he keeps up this awesome standard of songwriting, producing, making videos and performing. This seems to be an artist without peer, in a scene full of so many you can’t tell from one another, and that’s why he stands out so well among them. I’m not sure who he draws from for influence, but something tells me it’s the classic singers of the past like the Marvin Gaye’s of the world, because that’s the type of old-school quality his voice has, and he uses it the same way he and all the greats ever did. I’m glad I heard Julian Morgan and watched “Company.”


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     -review by Randy Jones

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