Kyle Rapps Raps About Political Issues in His New Single ‘Dark Hour’

Kyle Rapps

Kyle Rapps released a new single “Dark Hour,” which is his most recent release since dropping his LP Perverse Ramblings last year. The dark track details and discusses some of the U.S. society’s relevant political issues. The lyrics touch on the political division of the country, as well as race, but they also unsurprisingly include his notorious perverse lines.


Rapps showed the world he was an innovator in his Perverse Ramblings LP, and he definitely didn’t stop there. In “Dark Hour,” Rapps samples Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech at the National Conference for New Politics in 1967, followed by his own baritone lyrics. Another sample from MLK Jr.’s speech appears again approximately halfway through the song, speaking about the “affairs of men.” This same phrase steals the show as the last line of the song, talking about the “dark hour” of “malice,” “racism,” and more, that still hold relevance over 50 years after that speech.

From Kyle Sutton to Skeptik to Kyle Rapps

Rapps, whose birth name is Kyle Sutton, has come a long way from growing up in the projects in a New Jersey suburb.


Since then, he moved to New York and now resides in Mexico. He earned a BA in Spanish from Rutgers University. He formed the band Thought Breakers under the pseudonym Skeptik. As Kyle Rapps, he’s been releasing music since 2010. He released multiple singles and mixtapes but released his first full-length album in 2013, SUB, on which he collaborated with many other musicians, including Murs, Action Bronson, and more.

Overall, all Rapps’ experiences have led him to where he is today: inspiring others with his music through his frank realness and unapologetic honesty.

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