The Still Point Comes ‘Full Circle’

Still Point

It is often said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. As we develop as musicians, we will experiment and explore different genres and styles. As we add pieces of each style to our own repertoire its often leads back to where we started. Just with a fresh and more polished effect. This is exemplified perfectly in the newest record from The Still Point fittingly titled Full Circle.

The Boston, Massachusetts based project is the brainchild of Hayes Cummings. From his early start playing Rock n’ Roll on electric guitar he stayed open to other inspirations. Some learning time was spent on classical guitar and later Jazz guitar. All within the guitar instrument, yet very different techniques of playing. Now fronting The Still Point allows Hayes to blend these genres into one that is all his own. Prepare for a funky, bluesy, high energy experience.

We all get to dive in for ourselves on the newest album Full Circle. The 10-track instrumental record features a round trip through music. The current version of The Still Point features guitar, trumpet, saxophone, bass, and drums. All are fully expressed throughout.

The opener “Rooster” is the wake up call for anyone pushing play. The energy builds with each musical movement. Power and beauty collide in an epic way. The rock and classical grooves blend effortlessly. This energy continues on “Landspeed” as well. The amazing talent on each instrument explodes from the speakers. Each player has their turn leading the improvisation.

Get up to “Landspeed” with The Still Point

Some expert drumming leads off “Big Dig” before some horns add a funky and jazzy flavor that can please any lover of fine music. Do not be surprised to find your head bopping along. The groove is that catchy. The bass man takes the lead on “Up A Creek” laying down a new groove that takes on some darker tones with horn accompaniment. We are transported to an unfamiliar land where we are sent to gather reconnaissance. (Excuse the Spy reference, lol).

The closer “Wait” almost had me until I guessed that the title was not just a random word. The sounds do not start until the 1:14 mark of the track. It is worth the wait though as the truly elegant song allows us to relax and prepare to re-enter our “real” world in a better state then when we first hit play on Full Circle.

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