Antonio Dudley Is A Fragmented Soul

Antonio Dudley

The call to music can come at any time. It is a difficult career choice, there is no doubt. But when the passion rises up inside you there is no denying it. We recently discovered Antonio Dudley who discovered his calling and never looked back.

The singer and songwriter hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. The music of Antonio Dudley is based in Pop and R&B but unapologetically breaks the barriers of music genres to create a sound that is truly unique. He has been singing and performing since his teenage years but never pursued it until a random night at karaoke and meeting with some inspiring singers and mentors. As life moved on Antonio Dudley knew he had to pursue this musical passion 110%.

Antonio Dudley has found success by sharing his personal life experiences and thoughts in his music. He believes “everyone has a story to tell” and this creates a real bond with his fans.

This coming August 25th, Antonio Dudley is set to release his debut EP Fragmented Soul. The 5 track record showcases Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Soul while telling what is really on Antonio’s mind.



The first single “Lanterns In The Sky” came into its own from a poem written to help the world heal from the Pulse Night Club massacre in June of 2016. Real emotions can be felt in the vocal delivery as the music takes many twist and turns from Soul all the way to an electro backbeat. There is a more Hip-Hop tone to “Regret It”, especially with the addition of the epic verse of rapper Myster-E. There is a lot going on on this one that all blends well into an elegant piece of positive Hip-Hop/Soul.

We dive deeper into soul and almost ballad territory with “Broken Pieces”. An intriguing melody sits behind the pretty vocal performance of Dudley here. Elegance continues on “That’s Life”. An airy and ethereal background sits behind a telling of personal life experiences of growing up and becoming a better version of yourself. “Once Upon A Time” rounds it all out with emotion and a feeling of love without distraction.

The pieces are all there for Antonio Dudley to become a force in the romantic, soulful, hip hop genre. Keep an ear out and have an advance listen on his WEBSITE.


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