Steve Ray Ladson Is “Calling Your Name”

Steve Ray Ladson expresses the underlying struggle in searching for affection and true love with his heartwarming new single that successfully blends R&B, pop, and hip-hop, “Calling Your Name,” from his upcoming album set to be released on June 19.

At a time where love seems to be lost amidst all the panic and chaos in the world, Ladson reassures us to never stop searching for it. A mellow, slow acoustic guitar tune complements the soul-stirring lyrics, “I once was lost, but now I’m found, and I never thought that things would change, but there’s nowhere to run when love is calling your name,” reflecting what many are feeling in this present moment. But the song is a beacon of hope that love does exist, and you can’t give up looking for it.

VENTS Magazine described the song as, “a wonderfully catchy song that captures the 90s, especially the R&B sound of the decade, while maintaining it a bit modern.” The R&B influences definitely takes the listener 20 years back to the spirit of soulful 90s R&B ballads about love and heartbreak.  

Ladson discussed his inspiration behind the song and said, “This song was inspired and created down in Muscle Shoals, Alabama one evening after a recording session at a friend’s home around the table where writing sessions are a norm.”

He said: “I picked up the guitar and began to play and sing, ‘I’ve had my share of love’s ups and downs, I once was lost but now I’m found.’ I played the song and sang the lyrics then a good friend of mine, Noah Shell, added to the selection with his touching second verse quoting, ‘I used to lay awake and wonder if I’d ever find another.’ Realizing that love is universal and is hard to find, especially when you’re a touring musician who spends most of the time on the road traveling.” 

Ladson tours with five-time Grammy award winning band Blind Boys Of Alabama. He’s also the bassist of Robert Randolph And The Family Band, and works on his own solo projects on the side.

When not touring, Ladson is also a producer working on projects with many different artists. His goal is to “bring back the funk,” and he’s doing just that by meticulously blending blues, gospel, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and country.

With the release of his anticipated album coming up, Steve Ray Ladson released his catchy soulful first single, “Do You Know” last month, along with the accompanying music video, showcasing his incredible vocals and musicianship.

“I want people to hear my music and say, it’s authentic and that’s the way music should be,” Ladson said. “Remind them of how it used to be and the way it used to sound… That’s my goal, to bring back the real feel,” he said.

Ladson accomplished just that: his feel-good, uplifting songs are being released at a time when we need hope and optimism most. Sit down, relax and listen to Ladson’s new song on SpotifyApple Music, and Amazon. An accompanying music video will be released in coming weeks.

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